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23 January 2020 / / art
19 January 2017 / / documentary

The true story of a clandestine mission hatched by the US and Israel to sabotage an underground Iranian nuclear facility told from the perspective of Stuxnet, a sophisticated cyber weapon, and a key NSA informant. Audiences experience the high stakes of cyber warfare placed inside the invisible world of computer viruses.

31 August 2015 / / art

An installation composed of two microscopes watching and recording each other and a three screen projection which visualizes the process of interpretive analysis occurring within the software. The system acts as a rudimentary form of AI, where the visual stimuli is translated - in a performative act of seeing - in the centre image (which is comprised of the two microscope feeds concatenated into one).

16 April 2014 / / art
02 July 2012 / / documentary

An interactive documentary portraying a community of digital pioneers, explored through the lens of code. The project asks questions about the future of creativity at a time when algorithms play an important role in shaping culture.

26 February 2011 / / game

A participative mobile phone game played on a big screen for up to 50 players. Call in to build your critter and control your movements with your voice and your phone’s keypad.

07 May 2010 / / art
04 December 2009 / / game