Stream Me Up

An installation allowing the experience we have always desired: the ability to transport ourselves to new worlds.

Applying new developments in three dimensional scanning and virtual reality, visitors are given the opportunity to create a gestural message intended for the inhabitants of far-away planets.

Upon stepping into the center of an illuminated space station, travelers see their own image rendered before them on a spaceship platform. Detecting their presence, the teleporters lights flash, prompting the visitor to act a six second 3D transmission — a Vine for aliens.

Once the transmission capture is complete, the avatar is beamed away from the space station platform. The viewer is led to an Oculus Rift editing station. There they witness their transmission and, using gaze based interaction, teleport themselves to several other planets; encountering a few native inhabitants along the way. The edited transmission results in an animated GIF of their journey to share on social media.

Stream Me Up utilizes four calibrated DepthKit rigs streaming in real time. Visitors are captured in three dimensions from four perspectives, resulting in a full body reconstruction that appears holographic. This true volumetric scan is perfect for representation of the human form in virtual reality, and allows the viewer to see themselves appear in alien landscapes within the Oculus Rift.